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Payments never looked so good. We build businesses with secure, modern and efficient invoices.

The Challenge

Invoicing applications for small businesses are not all alike, and many lack basic product and security features. I sought out to create a professionally built application with additional marketable features.


    • Branded Invoices
    • Single Page Application (AKA, Really Fast!)
    • Social Logins
    • PDF Documents
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Multiple Sellers
    • Developer REST API
    • Two Factor Authentication Security

    Skills Required

    • Brand Design
    • UI/UX Design
    • Application Development
    • Marketing

    Reminders are a routine tool for small businesses, homes and corporates. This bot enhances these tools and the apps you now use.

    Gym Timetables
    Reminder Bot App 5:30 am
    It's time to go to the gym!
    Reminder Completed
    Reminder Bot App 5:30 am
    It's time to go to the gym!
    Reminder Ignored
    Reminder Bot App 11:45 am
    Is lunch a good workout time? Better now than never!
    Would you like to complete your reminder?
    Medication Reminders
    Google Hangouts Chat
    Please take your 9:00am medication. Reply 29 to completeSent Today
    Taken. 29
    Sent Today
    Please take your 6:00pm medication. Reply 43 to completeSent Today
    Sent Today
    Pet Schedules
    Facebook Messenger
    Time to do the kitty litter!
    Please remind your husband to take out the kitty litter...
    Reminder completed

    The Challenge

    To create an app that made me accountable for basic weekly tasks. Initially this was simply a medication reminder notification.

    ...It grew from there


    • Brand Consistent Invoices
      (Online, Mobile, PDF and Print)
    • Multi Currency and Seller Accounts
    • Recurring Invoices
    • REST API

    Skills Required

    • Chat Bot
    • Brand Design
    • UI/UX Design
    • Application Development
    • Marketing


    Top Health and Wellness
    app for 2018 and 2019

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    Accepted early as a chat bot
    when only 40 existed

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    I've worked for:

    • Vision6
    • Viabrand
    • Lamb Agency

    I've serviced these clients:

    • Virgin Australia
    • Madison Technologies
    • QUT
    • Puma Energy
    • National Storage
    • Heritage Bank
    • OptiComm
    • World Science Festival Brisbane
    • Century Batteries

    Say Hello.

    I'm located in Brisbane, Australia.

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